Human Light Circles Beach Event on August 11th


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This summer event starts with a walk through the striking natural landscape of National Park Zuid Kennemerland. When we arrive at the beach we will start making a constellation of unique light circles with a minimal use of materials and a maximum of human effort.

Each circle is made by measuring the height of the navel of every participant as well as the distance between two footsteps.

With the help of a special tool circles are then drawn in the sand. Walking over this line each participant reaches the starting point after exactly twenty four footsteps. Paper bags are placed on these steps and the candles inside are lit.

The basic values of this sustainable experience are:

Equality (Eq), Harmony (Ha), Energy (En), Cooperation (Co), Space (Sp), Connecting (Cc), Moments (Mo), Pachamama (Pa), Diversity (Di), Mindfulness (Mi) & Sustainability (Su).

Patrick Kruithof & Carolien Hoogland

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