De wereld bereizen en verhalen vertellen?


We have a new startup! And I need your help to launch it. We’re looking for adventurous green minds with a huge talent for storytelling (writing, photography, video + editing) addicted to social media, ready to leave home for a 3 month stay in a beautiful eco lodge/resort/hotel in Africa, Asia or …Central America. The person will dive deep into the place and will find interesting stories to share online.
Get most of your expenses (stay, partly flight travel, food, tours) covered. Interested? Tips for me? Or do you know anyone? Please contact me. Join us on FB, twitter and please help me spread the word by posting the slideshare on your wall:

Author: Sanne Roemen

Faciliteren van co-creatie, netwerk-weven en kennisontwikkeling. Zowel in bijeenkomsten als online.

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