MAFIA festival = innovation, education and entertainment.

Oproep: stuur een filmpje in. Deadline 15 augustus.

"What is MAFIA?
MAFIA festival = innovation, education and entertainment.

M(edia) A(rt) F(ilm) I(nnovation) A(msterdam) is the world’s pre-eminent festival of innovative moving image. The festival attracts a global network of creators and cultural enthusiasts. It is organised by D Nerve LAb *.

MAFIA celebrates the convergence of innovative film, music, art, design, fashion and technology and is the flashpoint where these creative disciplines meet.
MAFIA is show caseing both breaking new talent and visionary filmmakers who are revolutionizing the visual language of cinema. The festival is a celebration of creativity that manifests itself through a dynamic series of events. Festival activities include screenings, seminars, educational sessions, live music performances, parties and interactive entertainment."

Uitgebreide info, call for entries en inschrijfformulier op de site van De Balie

Author: Sanne Roemen

Faciliteren van co-creatie, netwerk-weven en kennisontwikkeling. Zowel in bijeenkomsten als online.